Accounts for Programs

Athletic Accounts reside in 2 different legal entities, the University and the IPFW Foundation.

The university and the foundation have different policies and procedures.
Example: All revenue that enters the foundation falls under the foundation policies and procedures regardless of their origin.
Generally speaking foundation rules are not as stringent as university rules. Money can flow from the foundation to the university but not vice-versa.
Requests for reports on your accounts can be handled by the Athletic Business Manager.

The "University" account structure has two pieces of information, the fund and the cost center. Funds A Fund is where the cash is located.
The Fund is describing the funding source. Example: A Gift Fund is where gifts are deposited.
Funds are made up of 8 digits the first four of which help describe the Fund. Example: Gift Fund numbers begin with "5106xxxx"
Cost Centers Cost Centers describe long -lived activities and functions.
Cost Centers are made up of 10 digits. The first 7 digits of Athletic Cost Centers are always "2002021" or "2002022".
The last 3 digits of a Cost Center describe the program.
In athletics, when the third to last digit is "1" it's related to "Recruiting", when its "2" its related to "Team Travel" and when its "0" its everything else.
The final two digits are related to the area within Athletics.
Example 2002022105 is Men's Baseball recruiting. The third to the last digit "1" signals recruiting while the last two digits "05" signal Men's Baseball.
This link provides you with a list of all valid Athletic Fund and Cost Center combinations.

GL/Accounts - All transactions use a GL/Account with the Fund and Cost Center. GL/Accounts are descriptions of a transaction. Examples: sales, gifts, interest, travel, equipment, payroll, etc.
GL/Accounts are made up of 6 digits.
GL/Accounts that start with a "4" are incomes while those that start with a "5" are expenses.
This link provides you with a list of common GL/Accounts used in Athletics.
The "Foundation" account structure is more like a standard check book. It has a simple account number of 7 digits. This link provides you with a list of Athletic Foundation accounts. Return to Athletic Business Manual

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