Jaron Elkins’ Writing Home Page


IPFW Writing Center

This site will provide you with handouts and samples to use as examples.

Related Links

These sites will provide you with additional help and information throughout the semester.  Visit them often and become familiar with them.

Purdue OWL

This site will help with citation and other writing questions.

Helmke Library

IPFW’s library will help you find books and articles, in addition to providing links to other libraries. 

IU Plagiarism

This site will help you further understand plagiarism as defined by IU. 


This site will help you find the “perfect” word. 



IPFW’s homepage will allow you to find information such as IT services, directories, and other information.

Logo in Black


LEO is Literacy Education Online.  This website has a plethora of information on almost every facet of writing. 


This I Believe

This website will be useful to W131 students to get ideas of what other people have been writing about what they believe.  This should only be used as an example.


STEPS offers workshops for IPFW students for things they “need to know.”  These “things” include power point, MLA format, Word 2007, etc.


New Norton MLA

This link will take you to the new MLA and APA updates offered through Norton.


APA Homepage

This is the APA homepage. Most questions about APA format should be available here.


MLA Homepage

This is the MLA homepage. Most questions about MLA format should be available here.