Business Intelligence and Information Management Lab

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The Business Intelligence and Information Management (BI2M) Lab works with organizations in analyzing, designing, and implementing databases and data warehouses; migrating data from legacy to modern systems; and, creating web based dynamic dashboards for decision making. Dr. Coronado -in collaboration with other faculty members- has brought over $200,000 in industry-sponsored projects. These collaborations bring valuable experiential learning opportunities to our students by working in real-world projects in this discipline. This lab is an environment in which students can collaborate and work closely with faculty on projects related to Business Intelligence and Information Management.

In addition to industry collaborations, the BI2M lab engages in research in Business Intelligence and Information Management. If you are a student looking for research opportunities in these areas, please contact the BI2M lab director.

Where does the name come from?

Business Intelligence are the set of strategies and technologies used by organizations for data analysis and decision making. Information Management is the acquisition, custodianship, and distribution and information.

Are you a student interested in this area?

Contact Dr. Coronado, the lab director. The contact information is available at the bottom of this page

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