Digital Photos from Adam's trip to Madison, WI, Oct. 11-14, 2002.

1. State Capitol Building, as seen from the hotel.

2. The Edgewater hotel and Lake Mendota.

3. Lake Mendota and the UW Campus, as seen from the hotel.

The math building is directly below the green rectangle - the tall brown box at the top of the hill.

4. Bascom Hall and statue of Lincoln.

5. Eugénie borrowing my phone in Italian restaurant

6. Lake Mendota, as seen from my hotel room

7. Lake Mendota and "The Red Gym" on campus

8. Madison, as seen looking East from 9th floor of math building.

Below red rectangle: Hotel, the white box on the lake
Below green rectangle: smokestacks near Rebecca's apartment
Below purple rectangle: State Capitol, at the end of tree-lined State Street

9. Looking Northeast

10. Looking West

11. Looking Northwest

12. An origami exhibit at the Union.

Thirty dollars,
Five tetrahedra inscribed in a dodecadron
More shapes
One piece of paper,
96 small cranes and one big one

13. A kiosk, advertising for Pedro the Lion