Digital Photos - Fall 2005 trip to DePauw University, Greencastle, IN

November 5
Latitude 39.644N ≈ 39o38'32" N
Percy Lavon Julian Science and Mathematics Center
(location of conference)
On the floor: an ellipse and its evolute curve (?)
On the wall: samples of minerals
Water fountain, and 800-lb. granite ball free to spin around any axis
Asbury Hall
Gingko tree
Find the crow flying away
Memorial marker of Bishop Robert B. Roberts
Sacred to the memory of Dr. [or Bi.? Br.?] Robert B. Roberts
Born in Frederick Co. MD. Augt. 2, 1778; died in Lawrence Co. Ind. March 26, 1843.
The modern carving:

He was a traveling preacher over 40[?] years and bishop of the M. E. Church
from 1816 till death. To him belonged the scriptural qualifications of a
Christian bishop: humble, self-sacrificing, laborious, patient, apt to teach,
of good report, given to hospitality, a man of God. With an imposing
person & commanding voice he presided gracefully & ruled with authority
but with such patriarchal simplicity & gentleness of manner as secured
universal respect & affection.
For them that honor me I will honor. I Samuel 2:30
Erected by the Methodist preachers in Indiana

The original carving (fading)
On the sides: original and modern carvings
United Methodist Historic Site #32
Walden Inn (where I stayed)
Phonecam pictures of 3 cats at rest stop
Nov. 4