Digital Photos - Summer 2007 trip to University of Western Ontario

The 2007 International Workshop on Symbolic-Numeric Computation

July 24 - 27
Wen-shin Lee
From Quotient-Difference to Generalized Eigenvalues and Sparse Polynomial Interpolation
July 25
Charles Wampler
General Motors
Numerical Algebraic Geometry and Kinematics
July 26
Constructing a platform with ball-socket joints
A cheap model of the platform
Two video clips during the talk:
Stewart-Gough Platform

2.7 MB, 27 secs.

1.7 MB, 16 secs.

Some close-up photos after the talk
Dmytro Chibisov
Motion Planning for 6R-Robots: Multiple Tasks with Constrained Velocity and Orientation of the End-Effector
July 26