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Welcome to CS 30600 Computers In Society

Instructor: Jacques Chansavang

LectureTextbook_1:  Gift of Fire, A: Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues for Computing Technology, 5Ed, Sara Baase, Prentice Hall, ©2018, ISBN-13:  97801341527

Technologies, Social Media, and Society. D. Miileman, D. Druckenmiller. McGraw-Hill, Annual Editions, 2019, ISBN-13: 9781260180282

CS 30600 Research link: IPFW Library - Purdue OWL

Welcome to CS 30600 Computers In Society

Course Description

Case study analysis of the social impacts of computerization and networking. Topics include computer ethics, crime, privacy, security, reliability, and vulnerability. Other topics include cyberphilia, cyberphobia, censorship, depersonalization, disenfranchisement, automated decision making, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and ergonomics. Students present projects applying these issues to today’s environment.

Preparation for Course
C: Junior class standing.

Cr. 3.

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