Paper Assignment--  In you written or oral presentation of your topic you should include, but are not limited to, the following as quides for completeness of your research into the disease and drug usage:

1.  Discuss a disease process that you wish to explore using the following criteria:
    A.  Definition
    B.  Signs and symptoms
    C.  Pathophysiology
    D.  Incidence
    E.  Prognosis

2.  Describe what tests might be ordered to diagnose this disease.

3.  How might other chronic and/or health conditions create a high risk situation for persons with this disease?

4.  Describe the appropriate medications(s) that might be ordered by the physician or nurse practitioner:
    A.  State the classification of the medication(s).
    B.  How would you assess the effectiveness of the mediacations(s)?
    C.  How does the medication(s) work (pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics)?
    D.  What is the appropriate dosage or dosage range and timing of administration?
    E.  What is the route of administration?
    F.  List the common side effects.
    G.  Discuss the appropriate teaching necessary with administration of the medication(s).