Department of Biology
Advising for Biology Majors
Statement of Purpose:  The advisors in the Department of Biology want to give every Biology major the best chance for completing their degree within a specific time and with the greatest chance of success for seeking jobs or continuing their education  in professional or graduate programs.  With this in mind, we want to give each individual student guidance in the course choices that they make throughout their tenure at IPFW.  We strongly recommend that you see an advisor on a regular basis even though you are able to register yourself through OASIS.  In addition, you will find that when you reach a total of 82 credit hours at IPFW, you will have a "Biology Hold" on your registration status and you MUST see an advisor before you are able to register.  Each semester we will update the Advisor List, that matches you with one of our advisors.  You can click on the Advisor List to see who your advisor is and the contact information for that specific individual.  We try to maintain constancy with you and your advisor so we try to keep you with the person who is initially assigned to you.  If you have questions you can always call the Biology Department and the Departmental Secretary will connect you with the appropriate individual to help with your question/problem [Departmental phone number- (260) 481-6305] 
Biology Advisors:
    Lead Advisor-                                                                        Dr. Elliott Blumenthal       (481-6004, SB 390)
    Pre-Dentistry &  Med-Tech & Biology Teaching:        Dr. Elliott Blumenthal
    Pre-Med Advisor, Graduate Director:                              Dr. George Mourad           (481-5704, SB 380)
    Biology Advising:                                                                 Dr. William DeMott          (481-6313, SB 386)
    Biology Advising:                                                                 Dr. Robert Gillespie              (481-6319,  SB 396)
    Biology Office (481-6305)
                                       Ms.  Darlene Bender and/or  Ms. Karen Martin

We want to thank Dr. Dhawale for her  dedicated service to Biology students.  Dr. Dhawale has decided to step down as one of our Advisors and we will feel the loss of her caring and compassion for students in our department.  All of Dr. Dhawale's advisee's have been assigned to other Biology advisors- please look at the updated list below to find out who your advisor will be.

What can I do with a degree in Biology?  Go to these links to find out:  CAREERS IN BIOLOGY  or you can search for a job position by going to :  Science Careers ( )

Graduation Requirement:    If you intend to graduate the semester that you are currently registering for you MUST apply for graduation on your OASIS web site.  Log-In to OASIS, go to the registration link and then link to the graduation button.  You will be asked to fill out an application for graduation.   THIS MUST BE DONE THE SEMESTER BEFORE YOU INTEND TO GRADUATE.  In order to make sure that you are on the right path towards graduation, once you have earned 82 hours of credits you will have a BIOLOGY HOLD put onto your account and must see your advisor to get that HOLD released.  This will happen once every year until you graduate.

Tips for Advising:  When you schedule your appointment with your advisor (or if you decide to try to drop in) please bring with you the "unofficial transcript" that you can get for yourself from OASIS and a bingo sheet with your courses and transfer credits filled in.  This will help us to advise you  better.

As a student in one of the following areas, you should download the "Bingo Sheets" for each area and keep track of your courses as you take them each semester.  Bring these sheets to your advisor when you come in for help so that we can advise you correctly.

Majoring in Biology:  As a Biology major you can major in a number of areas.  Each specialized area, listed below,  may have its own specific criteria unique to that emphasis of study.  Be sure to see an advisor to clarify any questions that you may have.  The specialty areas are listed below with links to "Bingo Sheet" requirements that list the general courses and plan of study for that study area.  Click on the links below to help guide you through your study plan.  Please remember that these sheets are guides, and you should get specific help from your advisor.
Bingo Sheet for General Biology, Pre-Med, Med-Tech and Pre-Dentistry --  
Unofficial Course Suggestion (Plan)/Year for Biology Majors--
Description from Bulletin- 2004-2006--
Other Options in Biology--

Honors Requirements for Biology-

Course Descriptions and pre-requisites from 2004-2006 Bulletin--

          General Biology--  This major emphasis will give you all the necessary courses and background that you will need to either allow you to go into Graduate School in a specialty area of Biology that you are most interested in (i.e., animal behavior, ecology, genetics, molecular biology, immunology, etc....) or apply to and go to pre-professional schools.

Associate of Arts Degree in Biology--
Biology Major from Bulletin 2004-2006--  
Minor in Biology
Honors and Research Certificate Options

          Pre-Medical emphasis--  The pre-medical studies are basically the same as for the general biology studies, and the bingo sheet is identical.  There will be certain courses that you might want to enroll into that will help with foundational basics for medical school, and these can be discussed with your advisor.
Indiana University School of Medicine--  
IU School of Medicine Statistics--

          Pre-Dental emphasis--  The pre-dental studies are basically the same as for the general biology and pre-medical studies, and the bingo sheet is identical.  There will be certain courses that you might want to enroll into that will help with foundational basics for dental school, and these can be discussed with your advisor.  
Pre-Dental courses that are needed for application to IU School of Dentistry--  
IU School of Dentistry--  
Admission Requirements--  
IU Dental School Statistics--
IPFW Pre-Dental Club--

          Biology Major with Life Science Teaching Certification--  This provides the student preparation for a career in teaching and provides the student with a solid foundation in both the biological sciences and teaching techniques.  For this degree you will have to fulfill the requirements specified by the IPFW School of Education as well as those of the School of Arts and Sciences.   For those students interested in this option you need to make sure that you talk with one of the advisors in Education as well as your advisor in Biology.  You will need to learn how to prepare a portfolio in order to obtain your certification in teaching.  You will need to take the "Initial Requirements" for education in order to get into the Block 1: Teacher Education sequence and register for EDUA F300, EDUC W200/M101, and EDUC K201 classes.
Bingo Sheet for Biology Major with emphasis in Teaching--
Suggested Plan of Study for Biology with Teaching option
Life Science Teaching Option (Major or Minor) Description from Bulletin, 2004-2006--

          Medical Technology emphasis--  This area of study will prepare you for a studies in a medical technology laboratory.  In order to complete studies in this area the requirements are basically the same as for the general biology, pre-medical studies, and pre-dental studies, and the bingo sheet is identical.  There will be certain courses that you might want to enroll into that will help with foundational basics for medical technology,  and these should be discussed with your advisor.  The Med-Tech major will first obtain a BS degree in Biology (approximately 4 years) and then apply to the Med-Tech program at Parkview Hospital and attend clinical courses at Parkview for one year.  When you complete this program you will have a BS degree in Biology and Med-Tech certification.   There is also a 3+1 program and this is  offered, which will give you certification for Licenser.    The 3 + 1 program does not give you a BS in Biology.  The Med-Tech program requires that you take Microbiology (this can be either the BIOL 220 or the BIOL 437 course) and Immunobiology (BIOL 537 with or without the lab,  BIOL 565).   You will complete the Biology Major requirements and apply for admission to the Parkview Med-Tech Program during the Fall of your final year.  The Med-Tech program begins in May after your degree completion and you will take the clinical requirements at Parkview during the next year.  Once completed you will have both a BS in Biology and Med-Tech certification.
Bulletin Description of Program 2004-2006--  

          Pre-Forestry and Pre-Agriculture emphasis--  These programs are two-year programs and the student will transfer to the Purdue Campus, West Lafayette, after the completion of the 2nd year at IPFW.  
Description of Pre-Forestry Program-- 
Description of Pre-Agriculture Program

Suggested Plan of study for Pre-Agriculture Program
Visit Purdue Agriculture- this link will give you information on the Purdue program

        Pre-Veterinary  Program--  This program is for two years at IPFW and then transfer to the West Lafayette campus for completion of the program requirements.
Evaluation of criteria for entrance into the Pre-Vet  program--
Suggested Program at IPFW for the Pre-Vet  program--

Transfer Program 2004-2006

    Pre-Pharmacy ProgramThis program is advised through the Arts and Sciences Advising office rather than Biology.  The following links will give you information concerning the Pre-Pharmacy program.  for Further information please contact 481-6160.   --  Purdue School of Pharmacy Web Page --  IPFW Pre-Pharmacy Student Club web site and Suggested Courses to take at IPFW --  Admission Statistics and information