Making Waves 2005

Math & science in the classroom
A workshop for teachers: June 13th-15th, 2005

Presented by the departments of Physics and Mathematical Sciences.

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We invite teachers of Mathematics or Sciences, at the high school or college level, to consider participating in a three-day workshop at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne. The goal of the workshop is to present new ideas for topics that could fit into a mathematics (calculus) or science curriculum. Teachers in other subjects, such as music, computers, or art, may also be interested. Up to 20 participants will receive mini-grants of $150.

This class was one of the most interesting and useful classes that I have ever taken.... The theory based class is difficult to accomplish in a high school setting... Application tied to the theory, in my opinion, is the smartest way to teach a high school student of today. This class was exactly that. I wish that I had a course like this one my first time through college. -- Eric Bultemeier, high school teacher & workshop participant.

About the 2005 workshop


We offer on-line registration for participants. Note that registering through our website does not automatically register you for Continuing Education credit; to register for credit, you must also contact Continuing Studies.

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