Research Preprints

  1.         Y. Pan,  On local solvability of nonlinear elliptic partial differential systems of principle type: the second order
                       28 pages. PDF.
  2.         Y. Pan,  On existence theorems for nonlinear partial differential systems in dimension two,
                       Preprint, 49 pages. PDF.
  3.         Y. Pan,  On existence theorems of nonlinear partial di erential systems of Poisson type in Rn,
                       25 pages. PDF.
  4.         Y. Pan and Yuan Zhang,  On the existence of solutions to nonlinear systems of higher order Poisson type,
                       32 pages. PDF.
  5.         Y. Pan and M. Wang,  Some limiting properties of analytic functions and harmonic functions,
                       44 pages. PDF.
  6.         Y. Pan and M. Wang,  A note on Harnack inequality in the unit ball,
                       10 pages. PDF
  7.         Y. Pan and M. Wang,  On the monotonicity of positive invariant harmonic functions in the unit ball,
                       19 pages. PDF
  8.        Y. Pan, A remark on Fourier series of a complex measure,
                       5 pages. PDF
  9.        Y. Pan, On spherical harmonic expansions of complex Borel measures on the unit sphere,
                       7 pages. PDF
  10.        Y. Pan, Positive harmonic functions in the unit ball,
                       20 pages. PDF
  11.        Shaoyu Dai and Y. Pan, Estimation of derivatives for bounded analytic functions and positive real part analytic functions,
                       in Chinese, 12 pages. PDF
  12.         Y. Pan and M. Wang, An application of Hardy-Littlewood Tauberian theorem to harmonic expansion of a complex measure on the sphere,
                       8 pages. PDF.
  13.         Y. Pan and M. Wang, A variant of Hopf Lemma for second order differential inequalities,
                       12 pages. PDF.
  14.         Y. Pan and M. Wang, Uniqueness of nth order differential systems with strong singularity,
                       8 pages. PDF.
  15.         Y. Pan, M. Wang, and Y. Yan,  Uniqueness theorems for ordinary differential equations with Holder continuity,
                       to appear in Pacific Journal of Mathematics, 20 pages. PDF.