Saturday October 30, 1999


8:00 Registration coffee and standard breakfast fare, Science Building 176


8:50 Welcome Chancellor Michael Wartell


SESSION 1A Science Building 168


9:00 Chordal maximal planar bipartite graphs

Terry McKee


9:15 Small cycle covers of 3-connected graphs

Xiangwen Li*, Hong-Jian Lai


9:30 Trees in graphs with large girth

Tao Jiang


9:45 Distance properties of edge-deleted graphs

Steven J. Winters


10:00 Graph connectivity after path removal

Ron Gould



SESSION 1B Science Building 185


9:15 Transition restricted Gray codes: long trees, grids, and digraphs of digirth 3.

Elizabeth L. Wilmer*, Michael Ernst


9:30 Stratification and domination in graphs

Ping Zhang


9:45 Classification of minimum dominating sets of hypercubes

William D. Weakley* , Patric R. J. Östergård



BREAK refreshments





SESSION 2A Science Building 168


10:30 Dense graphs that are not absorbing common subgraphs

Grzegorz Kubicki


10:45 Convexity in oriented graphs

John Frederick Fink*, Gary Chartrand, Ping Zhang


11:00 Upper bounds of dynamic chromatic number

Hoifung Poon*, Hong-Jian Lai, Bruce Montgomery


11:15 Application of graph theory in software engineering

Farrokh Saba


11:30 Forcing concepts in graph theory

Frank Harary


SESSION 2B Science Building 185


10:45 All four symmetric 3-configurations of order twelve are toroidal.

Art White


11:00 Embedding extended Mendelsohn triple systems.

Vince Castellana*, Michael Raines


11:15 Properties of directed polygon visibility graphs

J. Michael McGrew*, Jay Bagga, John Emert


SESSION 3A Science Building 168


1:30 Hamiltonian connected line graph

Yongbin Ou


1:45 On the Hamiltonian index and the diameter of a graph

Zhi-Hong Chen*, Hong-Jian Lai


2:00 A generalization of the Oberwolfach problem and Ct-factorization of complete equipartite graphs

Jiuqiang Liu


2:15 Line completion number - recent progress

Jay Bagga*, Lowell Beineke, Badri Varma


2:30 The best three (tree) and my favorite tree (three)

Peter Hamburger

SESSION 3B Science Building 185


1:45 Strong distance in strong digraphs

David Erwin*, Gary Chartrand, Michael Raines, Ping Zhang


2:00 A transformation of graphs

Heather Gavlas


2:15 Rainbow Ramsey numbers

Linda Eroh




SESSION 4 Science Building 168



3:15 Antiweb-wheel inequalities and their separation problems over the stable set polytopes.

Eddie Cheng*, Sven de Vries


3:30 Counting labeled general cubic graphs.

Gaby Chae


3:45 Vertex-magic total labelings

W. D. Wallis


4:00 The spectrum of triangle-free regular graphs containing a cut vertex

Rolf S. Rees




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