PMET Minicourse


Organizer: Dr. Magnhild Lien

California State University Northridge


        Brief introduction of PMET (Preparing Mathematicians to Educate Teachers)

      PMET Goals

      Background Reports

      PMET activities

        Finding deeper mathematics understanding in standard K-12 problems

      Minicourse participants will look at some basic problems and analyze the mathematical thinking behind the problems

      References will be given for such problems at the elementary curriculum as well as the secondary curriculum.

        Capstone Course as part of a mathematics departments curriculum for prospective secondary teachers.

      Brief discussion of the CBMS MET (Mathematical Education of Teachers) reports recommendation on Capstone Course

      Discuss various designs of a Capstone Course. Participants are encouraged to read chapters 5 and 9 of the MET report in preparation for the minicourse. The report can be found on

      Participants will be asked to share any experience, if any, they have with Capstone courses at their institution.