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Physics-Based Calculus Workshop 2003 - Photographs

Day 2: Tuesday

Peter Hamburger

Demonstrating the notion of Proportion in Mixtures
with combinations of juices

The ingredients

Coffee, V-8 Smoothie, Carrot juice, V-8, Tomato juice, Half-and-half, Lime juice, water

An example of a combination
Taste test "Not bad... Not good either."
Peter Hamburger

Discussing sequences and series
with laptops and Maple software

> limit((4*n^2+5*n+2)^(1/2)-2*n,n=infinity);


> subs(n=10000,(4*n^2+5*n+2)^(1/2)-2*n);


> evalf(%);



Try this with larger values of n
Tim Grove

recalling the trigonometric series expression,
demonstrating wave motion
with masses on springs

Motion detector records position data, computer gives Fourier transform
by plotting the amplitudes --- the coefficients An=(an2+bn2)(1/2) --- for a range of frequencies f1...fN.

Click here for a video clip (2 seconds, 565 KB)
Peter Hamburger

Making remarks after Adam Coffman's discussion of the continuous Fourier transform

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