Indiana University Purdue
University Fort Wayne

MAA Indiana Section meeting

April 1 - 2, 2005

Morning donuts


David Legg, Department Chair, Mathematical Sciences,
Michael Wartell, IPFW Chancellor
Participants in the workshop,
"Preparing Mathematicians to Educate Teachers" (PMET)
and organizer M. Lien, California State University Northridge.
Morning talks
Mitch Voisei, Tri-State University
Periodic trajectories for evolutionary type
equations in general Banach spaces
Sheon Young Kang, Purdue University North Central
Fredholm integral equation and its applications
David Finn, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Geometric modelling: an applied geometry course
Jeremiah Farrell, Butler University
Tripos and Diskos, two new geometric puzzle games.
The photos show demonstrations of games that can be played by blind or sight-impaired people.
David Housman, Goshen College
Fair division with money
A (sort of cold, windy) walk over to Walb Union
Saturday after Lunch
Announcing the winners of the
Indiana College Mathematics Competition
First place: Purdue University West Lafayette

See also: the Summer 2005 issue of the Purdue West Lafayette Mathematics Newsletter, Math PUrview

Invited talk by J. Tattersall
Three mathematical vignettes: millennial, pontifical, and nyctaginaceous
Amos Carpenter and J. Tattersall

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