Dr. Zoher E. Shipchandler

Professor of Marketing and International Business


Associate Dean for External Affairs and Relationships

School of Business and Management Sciences, Neff Hall 360 G

Indiana University - Purdue University, Fort Wayne

2101 E. Coliseum Blvd.

Fort Wayne, IN 46805 - 1499

Tel: 219-481-6474, Fax: 219-481-6879, email: shipchan@ipfw.edu

What I Teach ...

International Business Administration

Govermental policies and programs that affect international business. International dimensions of marketing, finance, accounting, taxation, and human resources with emphasis on management decisions and implementation.

Marketing Management
Overview of marketing management in a dynamic competitive environment. Examines the company wide implications of marketing principles and tools for decision making from both the firms and the consumers viewpoint. Also considers implications of marketing decisions for the macro environment. Applications to various organizations and global markets.
Marketing Research
Focuses on the role of research im marketing decision-making. Topics include defining research objectives, syndicated and secondary data sources of marketing information, exploratory research methods, survey research design, experimental design, and data analysis.
Strategic Management of Global Operations
Focus on strategic global management encompassing three tracks: how a domestic firm enters a foreign market, how to manage a foreign operation, and how to manage a multinational operation. Emphasis on analysis of different economic, political, and cultural environments, and integration of global dimensions of marketing, accounting, finance, and human resource management. Extensive use of team projects and in-class presentation.


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