Biology 203/204

Human Anatomy and Physiology

Marilyn M. Shannon, M.A., Course Coordinator

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>ALL STUDENTS, WEEKEND INCLUDED:  YOUR EXACT MID-SEMESTER LETTER GRADE can be found by comparing your TOTAL POINTS on Blackboard to the  Mid-semester Grading Scale

LECTURE TEST 2 TEST KEY is available for your review during office hours beginning Tuesday, October 23.

>LAST DROP DATE FOR Purdue Fort Wayne students:  Friday, October 26.  

BONUS POINT OPPORTUNITY:  Students who complete all 7 of the Online Homework assignments for the second half of the semester will be able to earn a total of 35 points, giving the possibility of 5 bonus points.

HOMEWORK FOR CHAPTER 8, Part 2:  Action Potentials & CNS is due Wednesday, October 24.

WEEKEND COLLEGE:   Chapter 8, Nervous System 2 is due Thursday, October 25

OPEN LABS:  Monday, 9-11 (Dorthi) and 2-5 (Emily) in SB 369.  Tuesday, 10:30-1 (Mariah) in SB 369.  Wednesday, 2-4 (Soe) in SB 369.  Thursday 10-noon (Mariah) and 2:30-4:30 (Emily) in SB 369.  Friday, 10:30-1 (Mariah) and 1-3 (Soe) in SB 377.  

TUTORING IN KETTLER HALL G-19:  Tuesdays, 11-3 (Soe).  Wednesdays, 9-10 (Mariah) and 12-3 (Dorthi).  

PLEASE PRINT OFF A COPY of the Biology 203 Study Organizer for Lecture Test 3.

THE PURDUE FORT WAYNE "personal protection" lab dress policy requires that all students in all labs wear neck-to-toe coverage, including closed-toe shoes and at least short sleeves.  See the syllabus, page 3, for more information.

McGRAW-HILL HELP LINE:  800 331-5094.   Please use this for questions about McGraw-Hill Connect. 

Biology 203 Tuesday/Thursday 1:30 McGraw-Hill Connect  Registration

Biology 203 Tuesday/Thursday 4:30 McGraw-Hill Connect Registration

Biology 203 Weekend College McGraw-Hill Connect Registration



Tuesday/Thursday Biology 203 Syllabus

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Biology 203 Study Organizer for Lecture Test 1

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