FSM Model

Fraxinus Survival and Mortality Model

example of spreadsheet dataData should be organized in a CSV file with trees in rows. An example data set of 10,000 trees is available here. The function will add mortality probability (proportion), mortality prediction (0,1 based on a threshold), and mortality year (1-3 after data year, not included by default) columns to the data file. Required data for models vary.

Tree = unique tree ID
BS = presence/absence of bark splits (1/0)
DBH = diameter at breast height (cm)
DB = percent crown dieback (5-100%)
V = vigor rating (1-5, with 1 = healthiest and 5 = crown half dead)
WP = presence/absence of woodpecker activity (1/0)

"dieback" model requires BS, DBH, and DB (this is the default model)
"vigor" model requires BS, DBH, and V
"woodpecker" model requires BS, DBH, and WP

Model function as an R script
Instructions for running the script are in the .R file.

Version History
0.3 Added ouput table
0.2 Added year mortality function
0.1 Mortality probability and prediction function

Clark, RE, KN Boyes, LE Morgan, AJ Storer, and JM Marshall. 2015. Development and assessment of ash mortality models in relation to emerald ash borer infestation. Arboriculture & Urban Forestry 41, 270-278. (article)